dalstorm dalmatians


Our Dogs

Jack (Hermella’s Captain Hook)

Jack is our first Dalmatian.  Born on 17th October 2007, he is the perfect family dog.  He has a wonderful temperament and is the kindest, most trustworthy dog we have ever met.  He loves all people, especially children, and also enjoys playing with other dogs, no matter what size.  Highly intelligent, he sailed through Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizenship Awards first time, but he does not always obey without question!  He is very much the lovable clown!  His only claim to fame is that his grandfather was Dipstick in 102 Dalmatians!

BAER tested ++

Rosie (Hermella Vintage Rose at Dalstorm)

Rosie is sister to Jack.  Their mothers are full sisters and they have the same father.  She was born on 12th March 2008.  She has the sweetest temperament and likes nothing better than having cuddles and giving kisses.  Beware of her very quick tongue!  She loves to please and like her brother, passed Bronze, Silver and Gold obedience tests first time.  In fact the speed with which she learnt, put the collies and retrievers to shame!


Elbows perfect 0/0

Hips 4/5

Merlin (Stocklore Wizard of the Forrest)

Merlin is a very special Dalmatian.  He carries a copy of the healthy gene for normal uric acid metabolism (NUA).  He was bred by Dr. Robert Schaible, American geneticist, and he is now  jointly owned by ourselves and Barbara Petronio in Italy.  He was born on 1st August 2010 and lived in Italy until he was able to come and live with us here from June 2011.  We feel vey blessed to have this gorgeous boy and are very grateful to Bob for having entrusted him to our care.  He is turning out to be a handsome dog, well constructed and with a happy, outgoing and confident nature.

Merlin has now sired three litters of stunning puppies, 15 of which carry the healthy LUA gene.  All puppies, 25 in total, have bilateral hearing apart from one with unilateral hearing.

Merlin has passed his Bronze and Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards.

Sally (Stocklore Sally Forth)

Sally is also a low uric acid Dalmatian, one of only three bitches to be imported into Europe and one of two in the UK.  Like Merlin, she carries one copy of the normal  healthy gene.  She was bred by Dr. Robert Schaible and Lesia Wood in the US and came to live with us in September last year.  She was born on 10th May 2009 and came to us through Julie Evans (Tyrodal).  She is a sweet girl and full of character and fun.  She is well constructed, with a lovely outline and very pretty head.  She is due to be mated to Jake (Tyrodal Special Feature) in the beginning of 2012.  He is a lovely liver boy with plenty of bone and fantastic outgoing temperament.  We eagerly anticipate some lovely puppies from these two.

Sally is BAER ++

She has been hip and elbow scored. Hips are 6/5 and elbows 0/0

She does not carry the lemon gene.

12 healthy puppies were born on 26th December 2012, 5 LUA and all with bilateral hearing.

Jasmine (Dalstorm Black Orchid)

Jasmine is the beautiful daughter of Sally and Jake (Tyrodal Special Feature), born on 26th April 2012.  She is Uu (low uric acid) BAER +/+ and has full dentition.

She has a wonderful outgoing friendly nature and a great sense of fun.  She is very intelligent and quick to learn, but like all Dalmatian puppies can be very mischievous.

Harry (Dalstorm Black Diamond)

Harry is son of Sally and Jake and, like his sister, Jasmine carries the low uric acid gene Uu.  He is BAER +/+, has a full dentition and also has a playful loving temperament.  He is co-owned with Rachel and Alan Hetherington and we look forward to seeing him in the shows soon.

Both Jasmine and Harry will be hip and elbow scored once they are old enough.

The mischievous trio, Jasmine, Harry and mum, Sally